Daewoo review

Daewoo is the mark of my car, buy two and a half years and I am very happy with it. A year ago or so when I went with my coworkers to drive home, we were stops at traffic lights and gave car behind. I made a small breakdown in the trunk and on defense. As it had not been my fault and paid the contrary car, so I decided to take it to the shop mark my car (which are usually more expensive) because that had the guarantee that I would stay well.
My wife and I went to such a dealer, who was at that time in the Av. Denia, and started trying cart. As the van to drive change was quite abrupt, had very little money to meet the new purchase, but do not put us faulted and we agreed to stay a white Lanos, 1400 cc engine (I know that little engine, but when the whole car should you grab at straws) and air conditioning. We were told that within a few days we would have, as it was on the platform (I inform us that the boat landed cars in the port of Barcelona and from there by truck take them anywhere in the state and that called platform).

Since I bought the car a year or do I have less taken the car and three reviews because I'm quite time with him, I had no problems with the service, is more seems very comfortable about the telephone appointment, for you lets you make an hour reviewing there's another thing that is very important to inform you of how much it will cost, not the typical budget, which does not seem bad, but a sign at the entrance enough comprehensive and clear to see prices.

Main Features
Version: 1.4 SE Plus Fuel: Petrol Maximum Power: 75 hp at 5,400 rpm Maximum torque: 55 Nm at 3,400 rpm Number of cylinders: 4 In-Line Displacement: 1,349 cc Distribution overhead camshaft (OHC) Power: Multipoint Fuel Injection : Front Gearbox: Manual 5 speed

length x width x height: 4.074 x 1.678 x 1.432mm space dimensions: 250 liters Number of Seats: 5 Weight: 1,071 kg with driver tank capacity: 48 liters Acceleration (0-100km / h): 13 8 seconds Maximum speed: 166 km / h Urban Consumption: - extra-urban consumption: - Consumption Media: - Co2 emissions: 184 g / km